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Yeah, it's been a while. Not much, how 'bout you? I'm not sure why I called. I guess I really just wanted to talk to you. (That's from England Dan And John Ford Coley's 1970's smash hit "I'd Really Love to See You Tonight" in case you didn't know. Say what you will about the song. The hook is pretty massive, and the tune had to have been a license to print money for the songwriters.I wouldn't kick that number out of my catalog for making crumbs. I always figured there must have been some other dude named Dan in the duo's coterie, and soft rock Dan adopted the prefix "England" (note: He did not adopt "English") to distinguish himself from the lesser Dan. Well, by Jesus, unless lesser Dan became Dan Akroyd or Dan Marino, it worked.)

Over the years I've borrowed a few tropes from the 1970's soft rock genre. You got a problem with that? (Damn, too agro. Let me start over.)

Hello, Everyone. You look fantastic. Wow! The years we spent apart were really kind to you. You look exactly the same. I'm serious. Who, me? Oh, stop. You're embarrassing me. I think your eyesight must be going. Sure, I worked pretty hard to lose most of the weight I put on with the baby, but you know what they say about Joe's charm being 50 percent illusion and all. Like Mary says regarding her good looks: I had it when I needed it.

Anyway, about a year ago I quit my job at the blood bank and started writing songs. Lots of them. All kinds of songs. Before I knew it, I had a pile. And the pile was pretty high, like dirty laundry. (That simile may not be completely inaccurate.) I was left with only a single option: Make a new wingy ios安装包. Which is what I did. It's called Spread The Feeling, and it comes out on Sept. 9, 2024 " (If you'd like to order it, here's a link) For now the only ways to get the record are through Bandcamp for the digital, and mail order for the vinyl. (The LPs will not be mailed out until right after Oct. 17, 2024. They're still being pressed, but you can preorder now. It should still be warm when you spin it.) I apologize to most fans outside North America. I have no European/UK/S. American recording or distribution deal, and rather than wait around for something to happen I decided to just put the damn record out. (If you're in Australia the record will be available from Spunk Records. And it'slooking like something is coming together for release in Japan.)

We are also probably going to press a very limited number of CDs. Apparently a few of you still listen to music that way. (The plan is to press some, but we're at the mercy of the pressing plant's schedule. Will update when we know a CD delivery timeline.)

And then comes touring. The last time my band played live was at thee Carnegie Hall. No joke. Would have been pretty cool if the last band gig we did had been Carnegie Hall. But it’s not to be. We’re going to play a short “tour” with the band. Nothing enormous, just a few shows at first to ease back into things. (You can see the dates below.) If all goes well, who knows, maybe we’ll stay out on the road for a while. Again, apologies to Europe/UK, but having no Euro/UK booking agent is going to make playing shows your way tough. I’m working on it, but can’t promise something will shake out.

Oh, there’s something I must get off my chest. I can’t let this lie go on any longer. There’s a Pernice Brothers chain letter going around. (Here’s the link.) I co-wrote it with my partner (business only, thank God for both our sakes) Joyce Linehan. If you sign up for our mailing list and play along you’ll get to hear some new Pernice Brothers stuff for free.

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Over a 20-year career in music, Pernice has made 17 full-length records. He began in the mid-90’s, with Scud Mountain Boys, who released two albums (Pine Box and Dance the Night Away, later compiled as The Early Year) before signing to Sub Pop and releasing Massachusetts, considered by many to be an alt-country masterpiece. In 1998, Pernice disbanded the Scuds and assembled superwingy下载链接ios, recording Overcome By Happiness (Sub Pop), called “a startling slice of beauty” by The New York Times and “A thing of pernicious beauty indeed” by The Irish Times. In 1999 and 2000, he released two records, under the names Chappaquiddick Skyline and Big Tobacco. (More or less considered solo records, they do feature assorted members of the Pernice family circus, so that designation is a bit misleading. This naming inconsistency also dogs the enterprise to this day, and therefore, Pernice promises to call everything Pernice Brothers from now on, until he changes his mind.) In 2001, Pernice and his manager decided that they were as capable of not selling many records as anyone. They founded Ashmont Records, releasing a series of Pernice Brothers records, featuring various players, beginning with wingy ios安装包, which was called a “lush, perfectly realized record” by The Onion (not ironically). 2003 brought the release of wingy ios安装包, called “a monumental record from a tow-ering talent” by Magnet. A live record and DVD, Nobody’s Watching/Nobody’s Listening was released in 2004. In 2005, superwingy下载链接ios came out, and the song “Amazing Glow” was included in the legendary “Partings” episode of Gilmore Girls. Pernice performed the song on the show. Live a Little, called “a stunning album” by Spin was released in 2006. In 2009 Joe Pernice published his first novel, It Feels So Good When I Stop (Riverhead/Penguin), and Ashmont released a soundtrack of the same name, more or less, featuring Pernice covering songs referenced in the novel. (A novella, Meat is Murder, was published by Continuum Books in 2003, as part of their popular 33 1/3 series. It remains one of the bestselling books in the series.)

In 2013 after a 17 year hiatus The Scud Mountain Boys released their fourth full length album Do You Love The Sun on Ashmont Records. That same year Pernice teamed up with hip hop producer and musician Budo (Joshua Karp) to record an album under the name Roger Lion. That self-titled album was released by Team Love Records.

In 2014 Pernice, Norman Blake (scanwingy下载) and Mike Belitsky (scanwingy苹果) formed the group The New Mendicants. Their debut album was released by Ashmont Records in North America and One Little Indian Worldwide.

In 2017 Pernice took a brief hiatus from music to take a staff writer position on the Canadian homicide cop TV show scanwingy下载. He co-wrote the sixth episode of season one. He has yet to determine how the very positive experience influenced his songwriting.

Spread The Feeling was recorded in Boston, Toronto and Washington State. It features appearances by a regular cast of players including Peyton Pinkerton, James Walbourne, Patrick Berkery, Bob Pernice, Ric Menck, Neko Case, Pete Yorn, Liam Jaeger, Budo, etc., etc.

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The Dakota Tavern
Toronto, ONT
Toronto, ONT
Town & City Festival
Lowell, MA
Northampton, MA
Mercury Lounge
New York, NY

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Get the new album from Pernice Brothers on vinyl and digital

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